[erlang-questions] Integer nth-root (Re: [erlang-questions] Integer square root)

Kenji Rikitake kenji.rikitake@REDACTED
Wed Feb 3 00:26:05 CET 2010

The newer version has a math:log/1 out-of-range problem when handling a
very large number.  I'll fix mine soon.  Thanks for the fix anyway,
Hynek.  I also needed to find out the convergence decision issue.

Kenji Rikitake

In the message <4d08db371002020948q49ec3e01j34399c0b79e7a656@REDACTED>
dated Tue, Feb 02, 2010 at 06:48:30PM +0100,
Hynek Vychodil <hynek@REDACTED> writes:
> Numeric mathematic is not as simple as seems at first sight. Rounding
> errors can lead to numeric instability. Try bignum_root:root(3,2) for
> example.
> There is little bit improved version:
> http://gist.github.com/292750

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