[erlang-questions] CORBA recursive types

Rudolph van Graan rvg@REDACTED
Tue Dec 21 13:47:06 CET 2010

Ah Brilliant! I was beginning to fear that CORBA is a dying project. Any idea how one can go about supporting the valuetype construct? I am willing to help out if somebody can give me a few pointers on where what needs to be done. 

> valuetype Base {
>   long    some_data;
> };
> valuetype  Derived : Base {
>   long    more_data;
> };

The reason for this request is that valuetype enables the re-use for structs, i.e. in some kind of inheritance scheme and that solves one major obstacle.


Rudolph van Graan

On Dec 21, 2010, at 11:45 AM, Niclas Eklund wrote:

> Hello!
> Since the question has been asked previously on this list, I'd like to inform that IC and Orber now support recursive types (union and struct) for the CORBA backend:
> https://github.com/erlang/otp/commit/1de445e76dee4e9473eadf7f6bd0dcb26a295a64
> For more information, see chapter "OMG IDL to Erlang Mapping" in the User's Guide.
> Happy Holidays!
> Niclas E @ Erlang/OTP
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