[erlang-questions] gen_event streamer

Barry Nicholson b.nicholson@REDACTED
Wed Dec 15 00:50:37 CET 2010


Some further information would be helpful.  Are you going to be doing
this on unix/linux/windows?  What OS?   There are different mechanisms
available for the different OSes.   It might change the design.

Also, what's the timing requirements?   Do you want to know when the
files get added immediately or can you wait a few seconds, a few
minutes, or a few hours.   This could also change the design.

Barry Nicholson

On 12/14/10 5:36 PM, Marcel Meyer wrote:
> Hi there,
> I would like to request your guidance in the following scenario where I want
> to follow OTP conventions:
> I want to mount a process on a directory that fires an event when files get
> added or deleted.  I thought the API should look like this:
> fs_watcher:add_handler("/User/marcel/downloads/", pid).
> fs_watcher:add_handler("/User/john/downloads/", pid).
> Now I'm thinking that there should be 1 supervisor that keeps a process for
> each folder alive and sends a message to pid every time something happens in
> that folder, so in my example above, there would be 2 processes being kept
> alive.
> Am I talking about the server/streamer part of the gen_event?
> Or do I need to roll my own by stitching an app/sup together that manage the
> spawned directory processes?
> Regards,
> Marcel

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