[erlang-questions] Multi-line comments in Erlang

Richard O'Keefe ok@REDACTED
Thu Dec 9 02:04:18 CET 2010

On 8/12/2010, at 1:26 PM, Stefan Marr wrote:

> Hi:
> On 07 Dec 2010, at 23:14, Richard O'Keefe wrote:
>> /* ... */ comments have no known advantages over % comments;
>> with adequate editing tools it is equally easy to "comment out"
>> or "comment in" a region either way and they are equally easy
>> to type or reformat.
> Very general statement, very specific response: Yes they do!
> At least for me they are extremely helpful to document parts where I need to work around different compilers in C/C++.

You can do that equally well with // comments.

>  Inline comments with /**/ to annotate these things is the only way to keep track of all those nasty things... 

On the contrary, the very first time I ever saw such annotation comments
was in Burroughs Algol, using % comments.  Prolog programmers often use
%FIXME% or something like that.

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