[erlang-questions] Multi-line comments in Erlang

Stefan Marr erlang@REDACTED
Wed Dec 8 01:26:06 CET 2010


On 07 Dec 2010, at 23:14, Richard O'Keefe wrote:
> /* ... */ comments have no known advantages over % comments;
> with adequate editing tools it is equally easy to "comment out"
> or "comment in" a region either way and they are equally easy
> to type or reformat.
Very general statement, very specific response: Yes they do!
At least for me they are extremely helpful to document parts where I need to work around different compilers in C/C++. Inline comments with /**/ to annotate these things is the only way to keep track of all those nasty things... 

However, that is neither related to the original question nor related to its usefulness in Erlang...

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