[erlang-questions] [Job] Location Based MMORPG server engineers - Grey Area & Shadow Cities

Will wglozer@REDACTED
Sat Dec 4 00:36:03 CET 2010

Hello Mikko,

I'm an experienced Erlang programmer who would love to chat about Gray
Area with you! I just saw this email on erlang-questions but saw a
reference to the game on twitter earlier this week. Sadly I'm unable
to try it because I am in San Francisco, but I'm very excited about
the opportunities for games that combine the real world with a virtual
reality overlay.

I've been doing Erlang development for ~4 years and am the author of
epgsql, IMHO the best PostgreSQL driver for Erlang. In addition to
that I've implemented all of the popular IM protocols for a (now
defunct) mobile IM site, http://twtfiltr.com - a transparent filtering
API proxy for twitter, and more.

You can check out my homepage and github accounts: http://glozer.net,

You don't mention anything about location - are you willing to hire
someone to work remotely? I'm currently in San Francisco but will be
moving to Tokyo next week.


2010/11/29 Mikko Hämäläinen <mikko.hamalainen@REDACTED>:
> Grey Area is an incredible company building next generation location aware multiplayer worlds. We are turning every city on the planet, including yours, into a game that can be accessed any time through your mobile phone. Think World of Warcraft on city streets.
> The first game world, Shadow Cities (http://www.shadowcities.com) is currently in Beta in Finland. We are going to launch it globally in coming months are are looking for talented individuals to join our server team. The whole game server is implemented in Erlang.
> This is very exciting time as we are building something truly new. We are looking for a highly motivated individuals who are able to work as part of a team but are also able to take ownership of parts of the system and improve the product as a whole.
> Erlang Server Engineers:
> Building the game world server architecture is a challenging task. We use Erlang as our main tool to implement an actor based and highly scalable server that is able handle our concurrent workload. We use MongoDB as our datastore.
> The succesful candidate will have strong Erlang knowledge and experience in designing, implementing and continuing support of large scale server applications.
> Skills and attributes that we’re looking for include:
> - A BSc in Computer Science or Software Engineering or similar experience gained from work.
> - Professional experience in writing server side applications. Preferably in Erlang.
> - Architectual expertise in designing distributed systems running in a cluster.
> - Expertise in Linux operating system.
> - Skill and patience for finding and fixing bugs in distributed multimachine systems.
> - Experience tuning real-time server systems for performance and reliability
> - Interest in building next generation multiplayer game worlds
> - And most important of all, you are a nice person to work with and ready to be part of an amazing team
> Please check out:
> - http://www.greyarealabs.com/jobs/
> - http://www.shadowcities.com
> You can contact us at jobs@REDACTED
> Best regards,
> Mikko Hämäläinen
> Co-Founder, Grey Area

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