Erlang Intro/Evangelism Presentation

Ryan Zezeski rzezeski@REDACTED
Fri Dec 3 19:43:34 CET 2010

I've been tasked with giving an introductory level presentation on Erlang at
work.  The focus is on why you would use Erlang and what does it look like
on the surface level.  We have a lot of your standard Java/C#/C developers
and this will act as a potential launching pad to introducing Erlang to the
company.  There is the potential for a large number of people to video
conference into this possibly spanning several countries so I really want to
knock this out of the park.

I'm writing as an inquiry for links to any prior art that I may use for
inspiration or even steal and use as my own.  Anything that you think might
be helpful is appreciated, even input on possible approaches.  I'd really
like to hear from people who have done this sort of thing before, i.e. pubic
speaking on Erlang.


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