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Rory Byrne rory@REDACTED
Sun Sep 27 19:12:37 CEST 2009

Hi Everyone,

We've just released a web-application where the server-side is 
written entirely in Erlang and I thought it might be of interest 
to other Erlang developers working on web-related projects. It's 
an online network simulation environment called Edgynet:

We're using the Bayeux protocol [1] for two-way asynchronous 
messaging between the browser and the server. MochiWeb handles all 
the HTTP. 

If you're outside of Europe, you'll probably find the shells on the 
site are quite sluggish. This is due to latency [2]. The demo server 
is in Germany, and ideally you want to have a ping round-trip time
to it ( of 60ms or less. The screencasts posted on 
the site should give an indication of how responsive shell 
interaction will be on a low latency connection.

Many thanks to the Erlang/OTP Team. Erlang is incredible!

Best regards,


[2] Well it's actually the effect of latency combined with the 
    limitation that a web browser will only allow 2 outstanding 
    HTTP requests to a server at any one time (as per the HTTP 1.1

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