Is driver_mk_atom() thread safe?

Chris Newcombe chris.newcombe@REDACTED
Fri Sep 25 19:32:30 CEST 2009

Hi BEAM / OTP team,

I have a driver that uses private thread-pools.   I know there are
heavy restrictions on calling most erl_driver functions from private
threads, and for some functions the documentation now helpfully says
whether they are thread-safe, or only thread-safe when using the SMP
emulator etc.

The documentation for driver_mk_atom() doesn't mention thread-safety
(see below).
Please could it be documented one way or the other?   (If it's not
thread-safe then that's fine, I'll just have to work around it.  But
it would be great to know.)

Many thanks,


>From the erl_driver man-page:

   ErlDrvTermData driver_mk_atom(char* string)

   This function returns an atom given a name string. The atom is
created and won't change, so the return value may be saved and reused,
which is faster than looking up the atom several times.

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