[erlang-questions] Erlang, Yaws, and the deadly Tornado

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Sat Sep 19 17:55:06 CEST 2009

Thanks for sharing. 

I can't see in your tests what version of Erlang you are using? If R12, would R13 be a better performer?

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Subject: [erlang-questions] Erlang, Yaws, and the deadly Tornado

Since Facebook acquisition of FriendFeed, a bunch of technologies were
released to the wild, including, most notably, a Tornado web server
written in Python. The Tornado is touted as a «a scalable, non-blocking
web server and web framework». See Wikipedia article
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tornado_HTTP_Server on some details on the
performance of that server, as well as some comparison with other web

The numbers looked interesting, so I decided to benchmark Tornado myself
to check out how it fares against some Erlang tools.

Since the data is highly graphical, I can only give the link to the rest
of the benchmark.



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