[erlang-questions] How to match on a nested record against a dict

Jarrod Roberson jarrod@REDACTED
Mon Nov 23 06:25:56 CET 2009

On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 2:17 AM, Igor Ribeiro Sucupira <igorrs@REDACTED>wrote:

> Hi, Jarrod.
> I can't understand exactly what you want, so I'll give you an example.
> Suppose DomainsSet is a sets of domains and DnsRec is a dns_rec. This
> would be a list of the domains that are present in some resource
> record and in DomainsSet:
> [Domain || #dns_rr{domain = Domain} <- DnsRec#dns_rec.anlist,
> sets:is_element(Domain, DomainsSet)]
> Is that helpful?
> Igor.
> Ok have tried and tried, and your snippet won't compile.
I have both Erlang books and can't figure out how to do this logic.

here is how I would do it in pseudo-code in languages that I am familar

for (dns_rr in dns_rec.getAnList())
  if (dns_rr.domain == "_test._tcp.local")
       // do some logic here

receiver(Subs) ->
        {udp, _Socket, IP, InPortNo, Packet} ->
            {ok,DnsRec} = inet_dns:decode(Packet),
            % this is where I want the "domain" detecting logic from the
dns_rr records
             io:format("~n~nFrom: ~p~nPort: ~p~nData:
           stop ->
         AnythingElse ->
               %io:format("RECEIVED: ~p~n",[AnythingElse]),

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