couchdb in Karmic Koala

Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Thu Nov 19 15:06:50 CET 2009

I just upgraded my ubuntu to Karmic Koala

couchdb seems to have installed itself and a few other things (horray
- well done ...)

$ pwd
$ ls
couch-0.10.0  erlang-oauth  etap  ibrowse-1.5.2  mochiweb-r97

I think couchdb is running on my machine.

A few questions:

1) Is couchdb running on my machine and how can I confirm this?
2) How is couchdb started and stopped?
3) Can I use couchdb for my own applications of is it reserved for system use?
4) Where is Erlang hidden away?
5) Can I use the hidden Erlang for my own applications
6) Can I distribute my own Erlang applications that make use of the
    Erlang that has (apparently) been installed in Karmic Koala

Having Erlang on all Karmic Koala machines could lead to many exciting
things :-)


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