calling process hang when calling gen_server call

shehan shehan@REDACTED
Thu Nov 12 11:54:39 CET 2009

Hi all,

I use below function in erlang progarm to get numbers from remote server.
(Around 2-5 gen calls/sec) When it was called, some times calling process
was hang. (few seconds per day)  At least crash report is also not printed.
(Local server's Erlang version is 5.5.5. Remote server Erlang version is
5.6.2. Also both are in same network) S


But I use same function in another server (around 2-5 gen calls/sec) &
calling process was not hang. (Local server's Erlang version is 5.6.5.
Remote server Erlang version is 5.6.2. Both are not in same network)


Is there any suggestion to solve above error??  


case catch gen_server:call({local_process_name, test@REDACTED}, {get_num,
{Para1, Para2}}, 1000) of

{'EXIT', ErrorExit} ->       

io:fwrite("ErrorExit ~p~n",[ErrorExit]),


            {get_num, Num} ->                                


            {error, timeout} ->       


             _ ->





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