[ANN] Neotoma 1.2

Sean Cribbs seancribbs@REDACTED
Sun Nov 1 02:51:01 CET 2009

I'm pleased to announce another update to Neotoma.  The major features 
and changes in this release:

* Generated parsers no longer require the neotoma libraries at 
compile-time or runtime, and are thus truly standalone.
* All parse_transforms were removed and replaced with code-generation.
* All nonterminals are escaped with single-quotes so you can use Erlang 
reserved words if desired.
* All parser combinator functions are prefixed with p_ so as to reduce 
name-collision with your nonterminals.

Thanks to Tony Arcieri and Kevin Smith for encouraging me to complete 
these features, and Caio Ariede for his code contribution.

What is Neotoma?

Neotoma is a packrat parser-generator for Erlang for Parsing Expression 
Grammars (PEGs).
It consists of a parsing-combinator library with memoization routines, a 
parser for PEGs,
and a utility to generate parsers from PEGs. It is inspired by treetop, 
a Ruby library with
similar aims, and parsec, the parser-combinator library for Haskell.

Browse & Fork:  http://github.com/seancribbs/neotoma
Download:  http://github.com/seancribbs/neotoma/downloads
Source: git clone git://github.com/seancribbs/neotoma.git
Discussion: http://groups.google.com/group/neotoma-erl


Sean Cribbs

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