[erlang-questions] where is lib file of erl_driver

Raymond Xiong Raymond.Xiong@REDACTED
Wed Jun 17 09:47:00 CEST 2009

It's under ${ERLANG_ROOT}/lib/common_test-${ver}/priv/lib.
ERLANG_ROOT is usually /usr/lib/erlang or /lib/erlang, depending
on how erlang is installed on your machine. You can find that by
checking where erl command point to (it is a symbol link usually)  

On 06/17/09, ?? wrote:
> Hi:
>   The following error prompted when I compiled my source code:
> undefined reference to `driver_alloc_binary'
>   I have included the erl_driver.h but it seems that the lib file can 
> not be located correctly.
>   So where can I find the lib file?
>   Thanks a lot.
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