[erlang-questions] IDE Bashing (Was Re: [erlang-questions] "Erlang as a First Language" -- crazy? or just stupid?)

Illo de' Illis erlang@REDACTED
Mon Dec 28 15:37:24 CET 2009

On Dec 28, 2009, at 6:20 AM, Vasilij Savin wrote:
> [...]
> Once Programming is a craft or profession, you NEED Good tools, or you will
> never get your job done. Building anything remotely complicated calls for
> discipline and proper tools.

Come on!
How would you call an entire PKI written ground-up in C and Python without using any GPLed library (most notably OpenSSL or cryptlib)? I mean, every cryptographic algorithm rewritten, the whole ASN.1 engine, X.509 and PKCS and stuff. My colleagues and I used vim, make, gcc, python, binutils. I won't bore you with the countless projects I've been involved in, but I assure you that your statement is questionable. A job can actually be done when people are skilled, no matter the tools.


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