[erlang-questions] Using Dialyzer on Ubuntu 9.10?

Jeremy Raymond jeraymond@REDACTED
Fri Dec 18 19:43:45 CET 2009

I was keeping the packaged install because I have other installed packages
(couchdb) dependent upon it.

On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 1:25 PM, Bernard Duggan <bernie@REDACTED> wrote:

> Jeremy Raymond wrote:
> > I've successfully downloaded, compiled, and installed R13B03. Dialyzer is
> > currently building the plt file.
> >
> > The Ubuntu default Erlang install is located at:
> >      /usr/{bin, lib/erlang, etc}
> > and the version I built myself goes to
> >      /usr/local/{bin, lib/erlang, etc}
> > so there's no conflict on the install.
> >
> I'd strongly recommend removing the packaged install unless you have a
> really good reason to keep it, because otherwise at some point I'll
> guarantee you that that parallel installation will trip you up.
> > In the future when I download a newer Erlang version, compile it and
> install
> > it again, do I need to manually delete the old install (if I want the
> same
> > location) or will the new version do the right thing on make install and
> > just overwrite the current install?
> >
> You don't really need to manually delete it (at least not in my
> empirical experience), but what you'll find is that the
> /usr/local/lib/erlang/lib directory will continue to acquire more and
> more subdirectories, since they're named by the version of the library,
> so the new ones won't overwrite the old ones.  Erlang will always
> correctly select the newest one, so it's more of a tidiness issue than
> any problem with functionality.
> I don't have a nice solution for this, unfortunately - there doesn't
> seem to be an 'uninstall' make target...anyone got a suggestion?
> Cheers,
> Bernard

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