[erlang-questions] Using Dialyzer on Ubuntu 9.10?

Jeremy Raymond jeraymond@REDACTED
Fri Dec 18 19:14:33 CET 2009

I've successfully downloaded, compiled, and installed R13B03. Dialyzer is
currently building the plt file.

The Ubuntu default Erlang install is located at:
     /usr/{bin, lib/erlang, etc}
and the version I built myself goes to
     /usr/local/{bin, lib/erlang, etc}
so there's no conflict on the install.

In the future when I download a newer Erlang version, compile it and install
it again, do I need to manually delete the old install (if I want the same
location) or will the new version do the right thing on make install and
just overwrite the current install?



2009/12/18 Laura Milagros Castro Souto <lcastro@REDACTED>

>   Hello Jeremy:
> > Do I need to download/compiler Erlang myself with the debug info to use
> > dialyzer or am I missing something here (can I find the debug info
> >  somewhere else)?
>         I run myself into exactly the same situation a few weeks ago. I
> might be
> mistaken but I think you need to either download the sources and compile
> Erlang yourself (with the proper configuration), or else download the .deb
> files
> from another distribution which may be packaged with different compilation
> options. The latter is what I did, specifically Debian package files.
>        Regards,
> --
> Laura M. Castro
> MADS Group - Computer Science Department
> University of A Corunna
> http://www.madsgroup.org/staff/laura/index_en.html

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