[erlang-questions] Problems with ibrowse 1.5.2 - send_req not causing stream_to

Vik Olliver vik@REDACTED
Thu Aug 27 06:48:48 CEST 2009

On 27/08/09 Chandru wrote:
>  Could you please turn on ibrowse tracing and post the trace messages?
>  It'll help in debugging.

Certainly. I've put the trace at:


If you search for "697669" you'll see:

=INFO REPORT==== 27-Aug-2009::13:28:37 ===
(<0.234.0> ibrowse:379) do_send_req exiting with Ret ({ibrowse_req_id,
=INFO REPORT==== 27-Aug-2009::13:28:37 ===
(<0.234.0> erms_http_connection:161) 
DEBUG: Get has ID {1251,336517,697669}

=INFO REPORT==== 27-Aug-2009::13:28:37 ===
(<0.234.0> erms_http_connection:151) "GREENPEACE-MO" GET "[redacted for privacy reasons]

The DEBUG line shows the req_id returned by send_req/5, the next line 
shows the http command which I've had to censor and rename to GREENPEACE 
but timing-wise is accurate and indicates we though we issued it.

I can't find 697669 anywhere else in the trace. EndDeliver and 
EndDeliverOK are the {stream_to,self()}. If you think I can supply 
further debug info or try things out to assist, please ask.

Vik :v)

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