[erlang-questions] Controlled interaction of two erlang distributed networks

Chandru chandrashekhar.mullaparthi@REDACTED
Wed Aug 26 15:22:40 CEST 2009

2009/8/26 Richard Andrews <bflatmaj7th@REDACTED>

> I have a distributed system that needs to run on two geographically
> isolated sites. Each site has a central manager node.
> I want a way to have the manager nodes from each site use erlang
> monitoring of each other and some specific processes only on the
> manager nodes; but I want to avoid node lists and global registrations
> expanding such that the nodes on different sites try and become
> connected together.
> How can I achieve this?
Start up the manager nodes with the '-hidden' parameter. That way, a fully
meshed network is not formed when the two managers talk to each other.


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