[erlang-questions] Windows: Erlang added TWICE to installed program list

Fri Aug 21 17:28:13 CEST 2009


It would surely be an "easy fix" if I could reproduce it...

I've never seen that behaviour and I have (believe me :)) installed and
removed erlang a *lot* of times on different versions of Windows over the
years since i wrote the NSIS installer script for Erlang...

The bug must occur under certain conditions that our test environments 
don't meet.

What privileges do you have? Do you have a certain language installed 
(I've only tested on English and Swedish windows versions). Any special 
combination of options when installing? Any other things that might be of 

Anyone else that has encountered this?

If you could help me with some more info so I could reproduce it, I'll
gladly fix it!


On Thu, 20 Aug 2009, James Hague wrote:

> I've been seeing this for years: after installing Erlang under Windows
> there are two entries in the installed program list (that is, the list
> you see when you go to uninstall a program).  If you uninstall Erlang,
> one of the entries goes away but not the other (the other causes an
> error if you try to remove it).  I've verified this on at least four
> different PCs running various versions of XP and Vista.
> I don't know a thing about installers, but surely this is an easy fix?
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