[erlang-questions] Macro expansion

Richard Carlsson richardc@REDACTED
Fri Aug 14 10:27:07 CEST 2009

Chandru wrote:
> Hi all,
> I need some help with passing command line parameters to the compiler.
> I have some macros in a module. I want to be able to pass the value for
> these macros at compile time as command line parameters. I'm using Makefiles
> which invoke 'erl -make'. How do I pass these macro values so that the
> compiler is able to extract them and compile the module?

>From the documentation of make (the erlang module):

  the following Emakefile means that file1 shall be compiled with the
  options [debug_info,{i,"../foo"}], while all other files in the
  current directory shall be compiled with only the debug_info flag.


And from the documentation of the 'compile' module:

  Defines a macro Macro to have the value Value. The default is true).


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