[erlang-questions] Stand alone Erlang on Windows

Xingzhi Pan vengeance.storm@REDACTED
Fri Aug 14 10:16:44 CEST 2009

As a native Chinese (and a programmer) I am keenly aware on the intellectual
property issue in my country. However this doesn't justify your behavior.
All I can say is, I'm sorry for you if you still feel you didn't do anything
wrong but if you're like that, let it be.

Yeah maybe I'm being too serious (and maybe a little overreacting), but I
hope you guys grow up and stop acting like that because this is a public
mailing list about Erlang. I don't think users would love to see irrelevant
and antipathetic topics brought here.

So I'll stop bothering other users from this on, and I apologize for your
precious time.

Pan, Xingzhi

2009/8/14 Christian <chsu79@REDACTED>

> I'm sorry if anyone took offense personally. It is however a quite
> wide-spread directive from VCs that it is a very bad idea to let any
> Chinese company (actually, probably any company from developing
> economies) get access to intellectual property. It is how all
> developing economies have operated through history. Copy and under
> price until the industry is strong enough. I don't put much moral
> blame on it.
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