Which distributed key-value storage do you use?

Sergey Samokhin prikrutil@REDACTED
Tue Aug 11 21:24:52 CEST 2009


Currently I'm using mesia to store detailed session information of
each user my system serves.

What worries me a bit is that as soon as my code gets into heavy load
in production and the number of transactions increases, performance of
mnesia might become an issue. Don't know exactly how heavy the load
will be, but I want my system to be ready for a few thousand of
transactions per second (with at least two machines involved in

I think there should be people who are using something other than
mnesia (e.g. Dynamo, Kai, Tokyo Cabinet etc) in production to store
session data in an efficient (=:= with partitioning) and distributed
manner and can share their impressions.

Which one have you chosen?

Sergey Samokhin

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