[erlang-questions] Erlang documentation cleanup (PREV: R13B01 modules, quick reference)

Andrew Rudenko ceo@REDACTED
Tue Aug 11 16:43:35 CEST 2009

>> The effort
>> deployed at http://erlapi.prepor.ru/docs/ is already an impressive
>> amelioration and makes searching through the docs 10 times easier
>> (thanks to Andrew Rudenko).
> I notice that Rudenko doesn't reproduce any Ericsson copyright  
> notices.
> That's awfully brave of him.
> But his legal transgression does have the virtue of forcing the  
> question:
> What rights do we have to republish the documentation in any modified
> form anyway?  I've looked at the Erlang license, but it seems to apply
> only to the code, not the documentation.  Presumably, then, the
> documentation is copyright Ericsson A.B. and nothing else -- hence
> available only on terms more restrictive (implicitly, at least) than
> those placed on us by the Erlang license with respect to the code.
> There's much in the documentation I'd like to fix -- typos, various
> grammatical infelicities -- but I'm not sure how I can get involved
> without stepping on Ericsson toes.  Can I submit my edits to the bugs
> list, in standard patchfile format?  Is that how it's usually done?   
> Is
> there a "usually"?

Copyrights, oh no :(

But Ericsson can fork repo on github and puts copyright notices as  
they like ;) And pull fork to original repo, I'll accept it. Honestly!

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