[erlang-questions] Stuff that breaks when you move it

Dave Pawson dave.pawson@REDACTED
Tue Aug 4 10:04:46 CEST 2009

2009/8/4 Joe Armstrong <erlang@REDACTED>:

> Sending an HTML file to a remote location (or storing it) in such a
> way that the content can be reproduced years later is highly error
> prone since it relies on an out-of-band mechanism to
> ensure that *all* the sub-components are also stores in a consistent
> way. Worse, this
> out-of-band mechanism is not standardized.

Agreed. Not standardised, simply a recommendation.
>From the authors of HTML, Tim and Friends at W3C.
They don't write standards.

Loosely though, it's been 'standard' since about html 3.1

Just so happens that you need the images, js, CSS as
a number of files to make up a package that is viewable.
   Live with it, or use PDF.


Dave Pawson
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