[erlang-questions] disk_log question

Amit Murthy amit.murthy@REDACTED
Wed Apr 22 10:35:14 CEST 2009


I want to use disk_log with an external format for application info logging.
I was experimenting with disk_log in the console and I found the following

On an opened (opened via the open() call) log , once any of the functions in
the module return any, and I mean ANY error, the log gets closed and is no
longer available.
All subsequent calls return {error,no_such_log}.

Even an error like "** exception error: undefined function disk_log:xxxxx/2"
results in the same behavior.

I wanted to open a single log at startup and use it for logging in all the
other functions. Now, this may not be right way to do it, since if any of
the logging calls return an error, the log gets effectively closed.

Is there any explanation for this? Or is there a better way to implement
application error/info logging?

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