[erlang-questions] REF: Major rework of ESDL in progress (NON URGENT)

Klas Johansson klas.johansson@REDACTED
Sun Nov 16 22:47:43 CET 2008

Hi David,

> Question before I go any further, should I also
> add more library support, such GLUT or the newest
> GLUX, GLEW, GLFW, sdl_image, sdl_mixer, sdl_ttf
> and all the companion libraries ? These MIGHT be
> of some needs somedays...

If you go about hacking away on SDL_image and SDL_ttf you'd want the
repository version, not the esdl-0.96.0626 download from the
sourceforge download pages since there's already support for SDL_image
(written to match 1.2.4) and SDL_ttf (2.0.7) in the repository.

SDL_image is now up at 1.2.7 although it seems as if no new functions
have been added to the API since 1.2.4 (I just had a quick look
though).  All of the 1.2.4 API is available through esdl, except
what's related to SDL_RWops and the IMG_SetError function.  There's an
example in the test directory if you're interested: test_glimg.erl.

Change log for SDL_image:

SDL_ttf is now up at 2.0.10 although the only change since 2.0.7 which
affects the API (again according to a quick glance; I may have missed
something) seems to be the addition of TTF_GlyphIsProvided().  All of
the 2.0.7 API is available through esdl, except what's related to
SDL_RWops (TTF_OpenFontRW and TTF_OpenFontIndexRW) and the
TTF_SetError function.  There are two examples in the test directory
that you might want to try: test_ttf.erl and test_glfont.erl.

Change log for SDL_ttf:

That is, most of the work getting a 100% coverage of SDL_image and
SDL_ttf is related to the RWops stuff (which has to do with reading
fonts/images from memory instead of files).  Also,  note that SDL_ttf
and SDL_image are disabled by default for esdl, since they depend on
libraries not in the plain vanilla SDL packages. Enable them in the
Makefile (see the Readme for more information).

On a side note, wxerlang (http://sourceforge.net/projects/wxerlang/)
has built-in support for opengl canvases, should your personal project
require any buttons, menus or other widgets...


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