[erlang-questions] REF: Major rework of ESDL in progress (NON URGENT)

david.koch@libertysurf.fr david.koch@REDACTED
Sat Nov 15 19:52:22 CET 2008

Due to the needs for a personal project, I managed
to update the latest 2 years old release of ESDL
with to reflect the recent SDL 1.2.13 changes and
also update the GLEXT and add full OpenAL 1.1
support. I am now adding the latest ODE 0.10.0
API compliance.

Question before I go any further, should I also
add more library support, such GLUT or the newest
GLUX, GLEW, GLFW, sdl_image, sdl_mixer, sdl_ttf
and all the companion libraries ? These MIGHT be
of some needs somedays...

I also though about AntTweakBar 1.12 ? That sounds
a lot I know, and far away from the simple scope
of using SDL. However would it be of any help for
someone out there ? Allo, il y a quelqu'un qui
m'entend ?

David KOCH aka Kochise

PS : The latest ErlIDE 0.3.111 still doesn't show in
Eclipse Ganymede 3.4.1, is that normal ? I somewhat get
random NULL JavaPointer errors... And in Live Expression
I just get erlang:now() -> ERR: "rpc failed"

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