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Roland Braito r.b.lists@REDACTED
Fri Nov 7 12:56:33 CET 2008


Yes i've been wanting something along these lines for quite some time now...

Please make it available!


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> Hi,
> This message is for anyone that is using jinterface.
> While working with erlide, I have added things to the basic jinterface
> library, most interesting being probably the equivalents of erl_format
> and erl_match, allowing for less painful term construction and
> deconstruction. There are also conversion routines from Java types to
> Erlang types, a Erlang to Java RPC mechanism (including generating
> erlang modules from java interfaces), routines to query epmd, and
> more.
> I think that it would be useful to have those things separately from
> erlide, and it is also probable that others have their own extensions
> that they might want to share.
> So I wonder if there is enough interest to make these extensions
> available standalone (either as a separate download from erlide, or as
> a separate project if more people want to contribute).
> best regards,
> Vlad
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