[erlang-questions] "Distributed Programming" example in "Getting Started With Erlang" tutorial document

Thu Mar 27 21:40:33 CET 2008

I have been working through the Getting Started tutorial


In section 3.4 there is an example program called tut17 which shows how
to get two nodes on different computers to communicate.


I compiled this program on two Ubuntu virtual machines and ran it per
the instructions.  I started 'pong' on one machine, then 'ping' on the
other.  'pong' emits 'ok' and returns the command prompt immediately (I
am guessing it spawned a process which remains running).  'ping' emits
'<0.43.0>' and also returns to the command prompt immediately.


So there are no errors, but I don't see the expected output, which is a
series of 'ping received pong' and 'pong received ping' messages on
either side.  It is as if the output is not reaching the terminals, or
the programs are unable to communicate.


I wondered whether I had correctly set up the cookie file, or whether
there was some security or firewalling that was getting in the way.  The
two machines are in the same subnet and each can ping the other.  But
when I ran the following example from the tutorial (tut18, where the
program spawns a process on the other machine) it was successful - so it
seems that communications and security things are OK.

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