[erlang-questions] Erlang 10 years of Open Source; it is time for the next step

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@REDACTED
Thu Mar 20 03:56:28 CET 2008

>  It is worth noting that so far 99% of the patches contributed to
>  erlang-bugs or erlang-patches need to be corrected or rewritten by us
>  before they make it into a release. And this has nothing with lack of
>  VCS to do. The reasons are more of the type:
>  - solution is not done the way we like to have it
>  - does not work on all platforms
>  - buggy
>  - unacceptable dependencies
>  - unacceptable incompatibility

True, using SVN, git or mercurial won't help this.  But, having a well
defined and open development model would help this.  In fact, I would
argue that the reason you get such poor quality patches is that there
is not formal, open and well documented way of contributing to Erlang.
 If Erlang moved to an open dev model, the Erlang team could simply
document the requirements for all contributed code - things like
coding conventions, documentation, testing, dependencies.  This would
encourage people to submit better quality code.

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