[erlang-questions] Distributed erlang problem

Chandru chandrashekhar.mullaparthi@REDACTED
Wed Mar 19 14:59:05 CET 2008

On 19/01/2008, Serge Aleynikov <saleyn@REDACTED> wrote:
> Chandru wrote:
> > Well - there is an issue. This is because on the OMC node, host1-rep is
> > resolving to an IP address to which routing doesn't exist from the OMC
> (and
> > I can't get it added). The Security team won't allow this connectivity.
> >
> It sounds like what you need is to resolve a host name to IP on OMC that
>   doesn't resolve using default resolution method.
> What you can do is specify the {kernel, [{inetrc, CustomConfigFile}]}
> option that will customize the name resolution search path used by
> distributed Erlang.

I had suggested something similar to our Ops team. I asked them to modify
/etc/hosts and customise the name resolution there which they aren't very
happy about. I like your suggestion - it only impacts the erlang nodes and
won't affect any other services on the server.

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