[erlang-questions] Linux O_DIRECT flag

Frej Drejhammar frej.drejhammar@REDACTED
Sat Mar 15 12:32:50 CET 2008

> As far as implementing support for O_DIRECT flag: I suppose that a
> proper place for it would be in "prim_file.erl"
> open_mode/4. However, doing it on my own would mean that I have to
> do it every time a new release is out.  Well, I'm not crazy about it
> -- wouldn't it be far more convenient if this becomes a part of
> standard release (pveeez). I mean, if O_DIRECT option exist, it is
> there for a reason, so if someone is crazy (or stupid) enough to use
> it, let him knock (him|her)self out, right?

Start reading http://kerneltrap.org/node/7563 and follow the
references for why O_DIRECT probably is not what you want on
Linux. The article also gives hints on what to do (posix_fadvise +



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