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Is there a reason you don't just use gen_server with a timeout?  Init
would return {ok, State, Timeout} and then you would run your task out
of handle_info(timeout, State) -> ...






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I need to purge 10 mnesia tables on day/hourly interval.  I am looking
at http://code.google.com/p/gencron/ to accomplish this.  Documentation
says gen_cron pretty much like gen_server. I am not an expert in
gen_server.  I want to create 1 process for each table to perform

Do I create 10 process intially and have them sleep on the interval or
gen_cron starts these 10 process on interval?

Any sample gen_cron example out there?

Gen_cron seems to consider a task as a module.  What if I want to run
two different modules, do I start two different gen_cron with two
different name? 


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