[erlang-questions] Simple Erlang Recommendation (last returned value)

Robert Virding rvirding@REDACTED
Sun Jul 27 16:23:14 CEST 2008

2008/7/27 YC <yinso.chen@REDACTED>

> It's just as bad when there's code like this:
>> T2 = something(T),
>> T3 = something(T2),
>> T4 = something(T3),
>> T5 = something(T4),
>> T6 = something(T5)
>> You may laugh at that code, but it's hardly uncommon, even in code
>> written by experienced programmers.  It's very easy to accidentally
>> use T4 in a spot when you meant T3, or to have to renumber things and
>> make a mistake.
>> Please note that I am not arguing for changes in Erlang.  I truly am
>> not.  But I can understand why this request comes up regularly.
> There is a way to satisfy this request without breaking single assignment,
> and that is to have a more sophisticated scoping.
> For example, the above in lisp/scheme are:
> (let ((t (something t)))
>   (let ((t (something t)))
>      (let ((t (something t)))
> ...)))
> No mutabilities involved - just better scopes - can't be that bad for
> Erlang, right? ;)

Shameless plug:

Well you can do this today if you use LFE. Plus ti gives you a lot of other
lisp goddies as well.

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