[erlang-questions] Support for HiPE on OS X Intel

Kostis Sagonas kostis@REDACTED
Sat Jul 26 11:13:28 CEST 2008

Paul M wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> There is some code in the erlang source distribution to support HiPE  
> for OS X Intel, but it looks like it is currently broken. Also, it  
> requires some (mac-specific) external files to build, and from  
> browsing the mailing list archives, I see that the HiPE folks don't  
> use macs and so don't have the facilities to test it or maintain it.

That's right.

> I've spent a little bit of time looking into the current mac-related  
> problems, and I've come to the conclusion that the mechanism used to  
> patch sigaction() (namely, mach_override) is a bit esoteric. I think  
> it could be fixed and replaced with a more conventional mechanism (in  
> short, building a shared library and setting an environment variable  
> to cause that dylib to be loaded at launch time), but I'm not sure if  
> this is the kind of change that the team would want to incorporate or  
> even how to submit a patch, since I haven't seen a repository that can  
> be checked out or anything.

Our CVS repository can be accessed by the command:

	cvs -d:pserver:guest@REDACTED:/hipe checkout otp

It allows for read access only.  We welcome any change that makes HiPE 
working and/or more robust in some platform.  However, for the change to 
be included in the distribution, it will need to be reviewed by us.


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