[erlang-questions] Inets application unstarted.

Andreas Hillqvist andreas.hillqvist@REDACTED
Tue Jul 22 07:46:05 CEST 2008

Hi Brian.

I belive that the pice missing from the puzzel is a Boot Script, that
should start the application in a correct order acording to each
applications dependencies:

The simple way to make an boot script is to use a release resource file:

To use your boot file:
    >erl -boot Your_Boot_Script.boot
    >erl -boot_var $App_Path/Your_Boot_Script.boot

To summeries, I belive it should be sufficent for your use:
 * create a release resource file
 * create a boot script from your resource file
 * use your boot script when starting erlang

Pleas feel free to comment and/or add any additional comments.

Kind regards
Andreas Hillqvist

2008/7/22, Brian Troutwine <goofyheadedpunk@REDACTED>:
> Hello all,
> I'm building my first OTP program, which I'm calling Aule. It's
> something simple to mine data through the Amazon web services, which
> is REST based. I need inets started as a dependency of Aule.
> I've followed the OTP Design Principles "Applications" and the "Inets
> User Guide" Http sections most heavily, in addition to man pages and
> IRC guidance. All that said, I have my aule.app which looks like so:
> >{application, aule,
> > [{description, "An Amazon data AAWS data miner"},
> >  {vsn, "0.0.1"},
> >  {modules, [aaws_functions, aule, aule_supervisor,
> >             browse_node_fiend, amazon_interface]},
> >  {registered, ['AmazonInterface', 'BrowseNodeFiend']},
> >  {applications, [kernel, stdlib, inets]},
> >  {mod, {aule,[]}},
> >  {env, []}
> > ]}.
> And a sys.config that looks like so:
> > [{kernel, [{start_timer, true}]},
> >  {inets, [{services, [{httpc, [{profile, olorin}]}]}]}
> > ].
> I run, "erl -config sys.config" and then load/start aule like so:
> > 1> application:load(aule), application:start(aule).
> > {error,{not_started,inets}}
> And I'm confused. The OTP Design Principles document states that the
> applications field has "[a]ll applications which must be started
> before this application is started." I took this to mean that OTP
> starts the appropriate applications before aule start. Am I wrong? If
> so, what does applications do? If I'm not wrong, what am I missing to
> get inets started immediately?
> Thanks in advance,
> Brian
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