[erlang-questions] Are you using {packet, http} ?

Paulo Sérgio Almeida psa@REDACTED
Fri Jul 18 17:59:25 CEST 2008


Sverker Eriksson wrote:

> I suppose you mean to return the same http-tuples but with binaries 
> instead of lists for the string values.


> One problem here is backward compatibility (again). At least Yaws is 
> already using the combination [binary,{packet,http}]. We could of course 

Looks like it is in just a couple of places. In the others it uses plain 
{packet, http} without binary, or it uses binary in others after 
switching to raw or line mode. It should be simple to change. But 
perhaps Claes can answer that.

> argue our right to change an undocumented feature, but is it worth it? 

The point is that I think having the possibility is useful. And if we 
are to fix it, it is now (that it is becoming official) or never.


> Maybe a new {packet, http_bin} is a future solution even though using 
> the binary option could be more elegant.
> /Sverker, Erlang/OTP Ericsson

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