[erlang-questions] edoc: cross-referencing standard Erlang functions

Edwin Fine erlang-questions_efine@REDACTED
Thu Jul 17 21:16:28 CEST 2008

I am documenting an application using edoc,  and I want to cross-reference a
function in a standard Erlang application, say,
//stdlib/gen_server:start_link/3, without hard-coding a URL like

When I do this in edoc using the syntax //Application/Module:Function/Arity,
it cross references gen_server within my application's directory, so the
generated link does not work. I saw a reference to using edoc-info files,
but couldn't find more detailed information other than edoc would use all
edoc-info files on the path. I could find very few edoc-info files in the
Erlang distro. I got the impression that all the existing Erlang docs would
have to be generated using edoc to generate the appropriate edoc-info files,
but they aren't.

I looked at the edoc docs and source code for 0.7.6 with no further

Is there some way to do this in edoc that I've missed?

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