[erlang-questions] [Kai-users] Kai - An Open Source Implementation of Amazon's Dynamo

Takeru INOUE takeru.inoue@REDACTED
Mon Jul 14 16:08:51 CEST 2008

>> In the current implementation, parameters like R and W are configured
>> per node basis.
>> However, these parameters must be shared in the whole system.
>> It's better to exchange the parameters before joining the system.
> Actually, no.  I meant somewhat the opposite.
> You want N to be shared across the system, but to be able to specify R or W
> on a per-request basis from each client.  This way you can leave some of the
> CAP balancing to the specific application use.

I had no idea to specify R or W per a request and there seems to be
technical difficulties, but is attractive for some application.
I'll add it to our TODO list.

> -Justin

  Takeru INOUE <takeru.inoue@REDACTED>

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