[erlang-questions] erlang-questions Digest, Vol 13, Issue 126

John Haugeland stonecypher@REDACTED
Tue Jul 1 16:22:57 CEST 2008

> > You're going to find this an extremely hard sell - I ran the idea past
> the
> > Wikipedians almost two years ago, with a semi-functional proof of
> concept,
> > and was basically booed out of the IRC channel on grounds that
> erlang/mnesia
> > don't have the kind of penetration that PHP/mysql do.
> But surely, as a Wiki user, I couldn't care less what language is used
> to convert my wikitext to HTML?

The users don't make technical decisions.  In context the discussion was of
a wikipedia that scaled; that said (to me, maybe inappropriately) that they
wanted to replace the real backend.

Unfortunately, the wikipedia backend is maintained by people who have a very
hard time considering new technologies, no matter what the value.

> If there were a wikipedia-compatible wiki library available
> to the Erlang programmer, I could imagine all sorts of situations where
> wikitext
> could be embedded.

I find this very curious.  Discounting maintaining actual wikipedia, for
what would you use a wikitext parsing library?

(Sorry for the double send, Mr. Wiger, the first one wasn't meant to go to
you personally alone.)
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