[erlang-questions] Newbie: Problem TCP connection erlang-python

Gerald Kettlgruber kettlgruber@REDACTED
Thu Jan 31 14:36:33 CET 2008

I have a problem concerning a tcp connection between an erlang server and a 
python client.
The problem is, that on the server I receive the message, but the format 
doesn't match. I tried to specify the bits, but this doesn't worked either.

This is what the server looks like:
start(Port, Id) ->
    {ok, Listen} = gen_tcp:listen (Port, [binary, {active,true},
    accept(Listen, Id).
accept(Listen, Id)->
    {ok, Socket} = gen_tcp:accept(Listen),
    gwe_server:start_agent(tcp_agent, accept, [Listen]),
    loop(Socket, Id).
loop(Socket, Id) ->
	{tcp, Socket, Bin} ->
	    <<To/integer, X/integer,Y/integer,Z/integer, W/integer>> = Bin,
	    loop(Socket, Id);

Python Client looks like this:

I pack the data with: 
data = [1,2,3,4,5]
format= ">iiiii"
msg = struct.pack(format,*data)
size = struct.calcsize(format)

and then send it with 
sent = self.sock.send(msg[totalsent:]) 

Would be nice if anyone can help me.
Gerald Kettlgruber

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