[erlang-questions] Node name for erl_connect(nodename)

J Bhanot j.bhanot@REDACTED
Wed Jan 30 15:16:40 CET 2008


I am using putty to connect to my linux server....am also runnig MGC 
(sample application in Megaco) which is listening on the port of linux 

Now i have written a small program in C which uses erl_interface...


#include <stdio.h>
//#include <inet.h>
#include <erl_interface.h>
#include <ei.h>

printf("Heloo World\n");


//int identification_number = 99;
//int creation=1;
//char *cookie="a secret cookie string"; /* An example */

if (!erl_connect_init(17, "samplecookiestring...", 0))
  erl_err_quit("<ERROR> when initializing !");

int sockfd;
char *nodename="c17@REDACTED"; /* An example */
//char *nodename=""; /* An example */
if ((sockfd = erl_connect(nodename)) < 0)

erl_err_quit("ERROR: erl_connect failed");
printf("got the conn");


I am trying to connect to erlang node i.e. running MGC using this....(i 
hope my understanding is right here)

but i am really confused about the node name to be given in 

I have tried given it 
127.0.01:2944(port on which MGC is listeniing)

but not able to connect it and getting the error 

ERROR: erl_connect failed

Any clues on that..

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