[erlang-questions] wxErlang: wxApp behaviour?

Tue Jan 29 05:56:53 CET 2008

Hi Dan,

I finally found some time to take a closer look at wxErlang. And I got
thoroughly distracted ;)

The attached patch (well, more of a suggestion, really) is a rough cut
attempt to implement the wx server as a behaviour. The programmer
declares wx_app behaviour and a couple of callback functions
    -export([on_init/2, on_event/2,...]).

then, in the spirit of wxWidgets, performs widget initialization in the
on_init/2 callback

    on_init(AppContext, AppArgs) -> ..., {ok, State}.

and handles unconnected events in the on_event/2 callback

    on_event(Event,State) -> ..., {ok,NewState}.

The application can can be started by calling the wx_app module's start
or start_link functions

    wx_app:start(Mod, Args, Opts) -> {ok,Pid} | {error, Reason}

Abstracting out the subsystem start up and event loop plus getting all
that OTP goodness [almost] for free might be one way to go. I've only
dabbled with the basic.erl example but you can try something like

  > {ok,Pid} = wx_app:start(basic, [], [{debug,[trace]}]).

Anyway, just a thought...

Best Regards
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