[erlang-questions] running sample progs for MGC and MG

Michael Campbell michael.campbell@REDACTED
Thu Jan 24 19:47:12 CET 2008

  David Holz wrote:
> From: zerthurd@REDACTED
>> You have two way:
>> 1) Install X server on your windows machine, start it, then set 
>> DISPLAY variable on linux station to
>> "your_windows_addr:x_display", where your_windows_addr is network 
>> address of machine and x_display is display
>> number of X server
>> 2) Do not run megaco_filter process. In this case you can see megaco 
>> messages on console, not in GUI.
> 3) Instead of 1), run an X server on windows (cygwin comes with one) 
> and in Putty's configuration, check Connection -> SSH -> X11 -> Enable 
> X11 forwarding.  Then the DISPLAY and all that will be set up to pipe 
> everything through your SSH into Windows.

  This does indeed work fine, but it should be noted to the OP that
  cygwin's X server does NOT come by default; one must select the "X"
  package to download it.

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