[erlang-questions] What level of bundling is correct for sharing code?

fess fess-erlang@REDACTED
Tue Jan 22 22:44:43 CET 2008

As a follow up, now that I better understand things,

What I was trying to ask how to bundle my rrdtool port, such that  
someone who wanted to run more than one per node could reuse the  
existing modules w/out the application start interface forcing a  
particular way of running things on the user.

I believe that the answer to that is to make an application such that  
application:start/1 starts up the simple case of one single Port,    
anyone wanting to extend this application
can choose not to start via the application, and instead include it  
in their own application which just starts the supervisor itself.

All this of course would require the supervisor, and all the call  
interfaces to support multiple copies, such that they didn't rely on  
a single registered name, which they don't. So for now I opted to  
keep it simple, and I've re-released the whole thing as a simple  
application which will startup one rrdtool Port.   Then if I or  
someone else needs more rrd concurency than that, it can be added  
later,  when I hopefully have an even better understanding of the  
erlang environment.


On Jan 15, 2008, at 2:01 PM, fess wrote:

> Hi,
> I did end up writing my own Port for rrdtool,  and I put it up on
> google code. http://code.google.com/p/erlrrd/ [comments welcome,
> http://erlrrd.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/erlrrd/src/erlrrd.erl ]  since
> I'm new to erlang, it has been a good exercise.
> At the moment it's just a gen_server call back module in  a single
> file,  It talks to a single rrdtool unix process.
> I'm wondering what the right level of bundling should be to share
> this with the world,

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