[erlang-questions] Murdering Erlang: Interrupting Erlang Processes

Russell King masterofquestions@REDACTED
Tue Jan 22 03:39:08 CET 2008

Erl Shell ctrl + c option to view the process info:

State: Waiting
Spawned as: erlang:apply/2
Spawned by: <0.24.0>
Started: Mon Jan 21 16:09:16 2008
Message queue length: 0
Number of heap fragments: 0
Heap fragment data: 0
Link list: [<0.24.0>]
Reductions: 8
Stack+heap: 233
OldHeap: 0
Heap unused: 214
OldHeap unused: 0
Stack dump:
Program counter: 0x005002e8 (shell:eval_loop/3 + 44)
CP: 0x081c2e38 (<terminate process normally>)
arity = 0

0x00231b7c Return addr 0x081c2e38 (<terminate process normally>)
y(0)     []
y(1)     []
y(2)     15
y(3)     []
y(4)     <0.24.0>
(k)ill (n)ext (r)eturn:

Can someone tell me what is y(0),y(1)..,y(4), heap fragment data, number of
heap fragments,  link list, reductions, stack+heap?

"Heap unused" and "OldHeap unused" relates to memory allowed for each
processes? How do you interpret the data displayed by erl shell, when you do
ctrl+c and choose a erlang process?

thank you! Hoping Erlang Mailing list isn't a black hole ;)
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