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Michael Mordue mordue@REDACTED
Mon Jan 21 18:52:25 CET 2008

Work from home, no need to relocate.

This Company is building (from virtual locations) the next generation  
office environment. They are building the tools to empower a rich  
collaborative team software development experience: always available  
video conferencing, VOIP, IM, presence, and virtual white boarding,  
all connected through smart self-managing project tools.

Seeking an adept software engineer to join their team to help build  
mission critical network services in Erlang on the GNU/Linux  
platform. These services will form the core of new product and  
service offerings. The ideal candidate for this position has worked  
on large scale production environments with thousands of concurrent  
clients connected to software they have built/deployed.

*   Must have experience with Erlang
*   Must have expert level network programming experience, preferably  
in Erlang, C++ and/or C
*   Strong background in developing for GNU/Linux or Unix-like  
platforms for missioncritical production deployments
*   Strong understanding of MySQL 4.1-5.x, including database design  
patterns and large-scale deployments utilizing replications and/or  
*   Experience programming network servers/clients, including  
knowledge of fundamental protocols such as TCP, UDP, IPv4/6, and SSL/TLS
*   Knowledge of and experience using XML technologies

Keywords: Erlang, MySQL, Linux, XML, Network,  Scalable

*   High-availability and scalable network service development
*   Experience with Erlang/OTP (Open Telecom Platform) and the  
associated design patterns
*   Experience with functional programming
*   Experience with multi-master clustering and other high  
availability techniques
*   Proficiency in an industry-recognized scripting language such as  
Ruby, Perl, Python, or PHP
*   GNU/Linux optimization, security and network administration
*   Experience with VoIP and/or libevent
*   Experience with distributed architecture, design, implementation
*   Secure coding practices
*   BS/MS in a related field

Work Environment
*   Work from anywhere
*   Structured 8 hour day lets you have a life outside of work
*   High-end Mac desktops and laptops with dual 30` cinema displays
*   Executive desk with your choice of ergonomic chair
*   Full benefits and six figure salary
*   Work with some of the brightest and best minds in the industry

Please respond by email with resume and brief cover letter to:

Michael J Mordue
Search & Placement Consultants
PO Box 450   Gig Harbor   WA 98335
Tel 253 851 5355   Fax 253 851 7969
email:   mordue@REDACTED

Partner offices in Australia, Japan,
China, Hong Kong, Singapore, S. Korea,
UK, Europe, Canada and the USA

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