[erlang-questions] VM not able to use available cores

Paul Brown paulrbrown@REDACTED
Mon Jan 21 08:01:56 CET 2008

On Jan 20, 2008, at 12:43 PM, Roger Larsson wrote:

> On söndag 20 januari 2008, Paul Brown wrote:
>> EQ --
>> - - -
>> Any thoughts?
> No yet, more data is needed.
> Do you have 'vmstat 2' output (or equivalent)

I used top a bit during the run, and there's a screenshot of the Mac  
OS X system monitoring GUI application at the previously posted URL.   
Both show a 60-70% idle CPU with no paging or other issues.  (The  
machine has a substantial amount of RAM.)

> Ohh, and what does Erlang reply when you start it
> from the command line? Any hints there?

I don't think anything is out of line:

$ erl
Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.6 [source] [smp:8] [async-threads:0]  
[hipe] [kernel-poll:false]

I did try some different build configurations without getting  
significantly different results.

-- Paul

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